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History of HITA

Inspiring by Whatssap (WA) Group of IT at Karawang and Bekasi area and Engineering Association as well. And after having some discussion with his colleagues then Pak Albert create a WA group purposely for all his colleagues who are working at IT field. In the 1st round he invited all the people regardless they are still working at hotel or not which is including some person from vendor that he knew already.

He has a chance to invite Pak Rudy from one of hotel system vendor to be in the group also and from this opportunity then he has invite a lot of persons to be joined. During chatting conversation Pak Rudy proposed to him for developing a website and email group, even mentioned to make it bigger this forum. End of conversation agreed to have a meeting first to discuss further for the next step by inviting all of people in the WA group.

At 7 pm on 5th May 2015 finally has been chosen as the date and time to meet up in the 1st place which is located at Pizza Hut of Cawang attended by Pak Albert, Pak Rudy, Pak Lingga, Pak Rasman, Pak Dadan, Pak Tatang, Pak Kusumo, Bu Rina, Pak Agus Tondang, Pak Liverto and Pak Bona.


Continued with Skype Meeting started at 9 pm on 8th May 2015 those persons came except Pak Bona and Pak Agus Tondang was having agreed to choose Pak Rudy as a chairman of committee to established event for Inauguration Ceremony of HITA. During a discussion to talk about the action plan and on how to get the fund.

Another meeting has been held 2 times which was taken place at Sirih Manis restaurant at Kebon Sirih then Cali Dali at Surabaya street as a final meeting, before “Inauguration Ceremony” on 5th June 2015, but definetly small meeting for coordination has been conducted thru skype and chatting along that period.
Association name has been chosen is HITA acronym from Hotel Information Technology Association and Logo as well has been voted upon raise up the competition and win by Pak Agus.



The logo story has been inspired by “Sapu Lidi” which is a lot of hotels (Blue Building) is being tied up by this association represented by “Yellow” colour regardless the stars rating of hotel for sharing of knowledge and information.
Finally, 5th June 2015 has been declared as 1st Day of HITA established with Inauguration ceremony being held at Heritage 1 Meeting Room Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta. And Pak Albert has been chosen thru very tight voting collection as 1st Chairman of HITA and Pak Lingga as 1st Vice Chairman.


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